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ABOUT The Haines Bros.  


Born, respectively, in the Lands of the Rising Sun and Morning Calm, it was not a given that Lowell, Douglas and Terry would one day write and perform some of the most beautiful and distinctive music, characteristic of the best of America's acoustic rock generation.


Growing up in post-war South Korea, the brothers were supported and encouraged by family, friends and an overseas folk-rock culture to pick up acoustic guitars and begin to put their thoughts and feelings into lyrics.  They quickly found a home in that genre of acoustic rock music being created at the time by the likes of the Eagles, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, often referred to as "wooden music." Fortunately, their original creations transferred easily back to the homeland where, in the 70s, they performed for loyal fans and grateful audiences throughout the mid-west.


Decades later their original songs have proven to stand the test of time, communicating relevantly to an Americana and country rock culture that values exceptional lyrical strength and musical craftsmanship.  Effectively communicating their creations through individual vocal strengths, tightly-knit family harmonies, and exceptional instrumental arrangements, the brothers have created a deep and original sound that is unique in today's cookie-cutter music scene, often known for its shallowness.  Here we have just plain good music.  Here we have "The Haines Bros."



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